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RO /RO Operation:  
With a skillful technology of roll –on roll- off,  It can figure out the suitable Ro-Ro vessels, truck style and operation time according to the weight of cargo, quay condition and hydrology situation, thereby determine the accurate shipping posture and reliable Ro-Ro scheme to save a large sum of floating crane expenses for the customer and guarantee the security of the cargo.
Bridge-passing Technology:
BPT is the main limitation factor for large and heavy cargo transportation. As for the medium and small bridge, if the bearing capacity was not enough, we can adopt the Bridge over Bridge method to strengthen and pass trough the bridge. Through long-term transportation practices and researchments, the company has accumulated experiences for bridge passing trough distributing the truck loading, for instance soft index, bridge –type truck group, increasing column amount etc.
Bridge Trailer Group:
To separate two flat-bed trailers before and after, and install a turntable hydraulic valve lifter on each flat-bed trailer, and use connectors to set up a load bridge with high intensity and rigidity between two hydraulic valve lifters. The inner space of the load bridge, sill and the brace make up a platform for loading oversize and heavy cargos. The bridge trailer group is suitable for those oversize and heavy cargo they flat-bed- trailer can not afford them, such as more than 400 tons generator unit stator, voltage transformer, nuclear reactor shell etc.
Flat-bed Trailer Group:
FBT is one of the most widely used kind of overweight trailer in the transportation of oversize cargo. It is suitable for various large-scale and heavy cargos, for instance generator stators of electric apparatus, voltage transformers and other heavy apparatuses. 
Pole Trailer Group:
There are two flat-bed trailers separated by a certain distance in tandem, respectively installing a turnplate in the middle position of the bed. The carried long cargo links the two flat-bed trailer to become one, make up a pole trailer group. The pole trailer group is most suitable for various long pagoda-like and tubular apparatuses.
Concave Type Trailer Group:
To separate two flat-bed trailers before and after, and install a low platform for carrying cargo, the two flat-bed trailers and platform make up the whole one. The platform can synchronously go up and down when the trailers lift and fall. There is no wheel in the platform, and the distance between the surface of the road and the platform is only 0.3-0.6m, it will help to pass the lower obstacles. Concave type trailer group is suitable for carrying higher and heavy engineering machinery and heavy module. 
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