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CHIREY offers many warehousing options in China and the following information is to help explain some of the services available and the limitations of the warehouse types.In China,we offer comprehensive one-stop shop coverage of the main import and export regions,as well as packaging.


Bonded Logistics Park:

Bonded Logistics Parks (BLP) are the most contemporary version of the bonded warehouse in China, and with the unique ‘zone-port interaction’ they are working hand in hand with the local ports allowing services that were previously not possible within the older style import bonded and export supervised warehouses.

BLPs offer all the services and advantages available in the older bonded warehouses, but can offer in addition:

---VAT rebates are available immediately upon entry to the facility (unlike export supervised warehouses which require the goods to be assigned to a particular vessel or flight before rebate can be claimed) 

---Duty and VAT is deferred for import cargo, and can be paid on a per piece level not per shipment once the cargo leaves the facility 

---Import and export cargoes do not have to be physically separated 

---No storage time limit 

---Many value added services do not require prior customs approval 

---Quality Control activities are available 

---Some regional customs authorities allow month end customs declarations – thereby reducing cost associated with multiple individual declarations.

Bonded Warehousing:

Bonded warehousing is a preferential policy for goods entering China with deferred payment for duty and tax and export goods from China with faster VAT rebates. The different bonded facilities available are: 

Free Trade Zones (FTZ as they are known) are exclusive regions in selective cities that provide tax and foreign currency benefits to encourage FDI. Each FTZ runs independently of the others and the benefits available are specific to the FTZ – some encourage manufacturing, others are geared towards export or import. The locations of the FTZ are.

General Warehousing:

Our warehousing services include storage, loading, packaging, sorting, labeling and marking, temperature and moisture control, refrigerating and freezing, valuables security, dispatching, and other value added services to help customers implement diversification marketing strategy.


Our warehouses are equipped with warehouse management information system to control the inventory. 




Our service including the packaging design such as Project cargo,various parts of the car, Semiconductor equipment, large equipment and manufacturing, packing on site for project KD etc. In the meaning time, we smoothly get the Heat treatment put the enterprise certificate identification which approved by the National Inspection and Quarantine.


With the development of the company, our Production management and application technology become more matures and we have all kinds of advanced equipment and professional packaging design personnel. Products with good quality, competitive prices and perfect service to better establish the brand in the field of packaging.


In the years of cooperation has won the customer high evaluation and trust. We have the spirit of "safety, quality, integrity" business purposes, for many clients throughout the year to provide all-weather service.


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