Our company is committed to intermodal, rail and truck transportation from China as the departure and transit shipment. In the design of the route, loading plan, and provide the railway business consulting, customs declaration, inland transportation, loading and unloading, and rent container, buy container, transportation, tracking information, insurance, and destination assist clearance for customers,as well as ,we are good at project cargo and oversize cargo.

Avantage Routes:
The whole railway transport from China to Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam,North Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Railway container and truck-load transport for the whole route, and other related business consultations are provided. 
Trailer and storage service with flexible transit shipment.
Provide the customs transit, reloading and information feedback for goods in frontier ports. 
Provide the customs transit, reloading and information feedback for goods in frontier ports.
Accelerated reloading at ports, and custom declaration service. 

Own many long-term prepared high-quality and reliable containers, and provide container-leasing and buying service that customers need in the railway transport. 

Transportation service for transit goods: Start from Japan, Korea and other countries, through Lianyungang and Tianjin port and transport to counties in Central Asia ,North Korea and Europe.

As a long engaged in multimodal transportation experts, rely on abundant experience and developed abroad network, we can provide our quality and reliable multimodal transport services in remote region, we also can provide you with a one-stop door to door service through the foreign partners.
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