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Ro-RO Vessel:
Company with major car companies have close strategic cooperative partnership, has a wealth of booking and routes advantage. Formed a relatively stable liner shipping services, the major routes including: Gulf routes in East Africa, the red sea Mediterranean routes, central and South America routes, route of South West Africa, Southeast Asia routes, and also could according to project need to transport the goods service, to meet the customer's demand routes.

Break Bulk Vessel:
Company keep good relations of cooperation with the each major bulk cargo owners, in the weak capacity area of the ro-ro, bulk carriers not only satisfy the demand of transport capacity, and the freight rate in some routes also has competitive advantage, can completely meet the requirement of transportation.

Special Container:
Company has abundant operational experiences dealing with frame rack, flat rack, open-top container and BUSDECK, capable to solve all kinds of difficulties to ensure the smooth transport for customer.

Port services:
Company have professional port service team in city of Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Longkou, Lianyungang ETC that can provide terminal take over the vehicle, palletizing, supervision loading, cargo dimensions measurement one-stop services; At the same time, the company have a close cooperation relationship with the ports, can provide port wax spray, car wash, dock maintenance, etc. port services.

L/S/D services:
Company provide packing, binding, fixed, support and other professional services, in the major container yards and ports.
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