We provide our customers with efficient, convenient and fully integrated set of shipping agency services at all ports in China.Major Service Items:
Ship services:           
attending to formalities for vessel’s entry into or departure from ports; arranging pilotage, berthing, ship inspection and repairing, hold cleaning and fumigation, salvage, marine casualties, and vessel’s delivery/redelivery.
Cargo services:                
handling customs clearance, arranging cargo loading/discharging, inspection; procedures for shipments and transshipment of cargoes and containers; undertaking cargo canvassing/space booking, signing contracts of carriage/bills of lading, collecting freight, drafting documentation and settling payment on Principal’s behalf; procedures related to transport of passengers by sea.
Supply services:                  
Arranging bunkers, fresh water, provisions and stores supply; arranging purchase/delivery of stores and spare parts onboard.
Other services:                      
issuing invitation letters for crew members and arranging crew replacement/repatriation, medical treatment, etc.

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