Heavy Lift Vessel:  
we can transport any kinds of over weight and over size equipments such as transformers/ vacuum towers/ boiler drums/ locomotive/ large yacht / container shore bridge/ RTG etc. by special designed vessels include heavy lift vessels (crane capacity up to 3000mt)/ deck loader vessels. 

Break Bulk Vessel:
We undertake a variety of break-bulk cargo, including mechanical equipment, complete sets of equipment, wind power equipment, oil machinery, steel, steel structure and other goods.
RO/RO Vessel :
We undertake a variety of vehicles, large vehicles such as buses, construction mechanical vehicles, heavy trucks, special vehicle, etc.; Mid-size vehicles such as midibus, light trucks, loaders, roller, etc.; Small vehicles such as cars, pickup trucks, mini-van, SUV, MPV. 

Semi-submersible Vessel: 
We operate semi-submersible vessels with the determination to serve international heavy cargo transportation market. The cargo to be transported by semi-submersible vessel include oil drilling platform,large engineering ship(dredging ship,barge),large size industry equipment and plants,large port facilities(quay crane and RTG),large dry dock,ect. 

Bulk Vessel:
We service mainly for the domestic and overseas customers, to provide ore, coal, cement, timber, chemical fertilizer, stone material goods and other marine cargo transportation service. The main type of vessel operation are handymax and Panamax. Main routes are as Southeast Asia, India and Australia, South America etc course.

We have an established reputation and well-developed relations with both charterers and vessel owners, with the ability to match cargoes to vessels effectively and in a timely manner.
Knowledge gained via years of working with and through ports worldwide, alongside a proven track record of high quality, innovative and value for money transport solutions gives CHIREY  the edge your business requires.
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