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POL:Chinese port/America/Germany/Japan/France
Destination: India/Turkey/Pakistan/Vietnam/Indonesia/Morocco/Egypt/Nigeria/Bolivia/Chile/venezuela
Working scope:Door to door
Vessel:Break bulk vessel/Heavy lift vessel/Conatainer vessel
Job description:
We completed 
320Tons  transformers, 843 x 358 x 522 cm each.
300Tons generators, 1214 x 409 x 437 cm  each and
296Tons gas turbines, 1093 x 520 x 486 cm 

which had to be transported by hydraulic moduler trailer. 

Substantial civil works were required because of a number of bridges en route with insufficient air clearance. Certain excavation words under the Bridge (height 6.0 m) were done to obtain an air clearance of 6.5 m. At some Bridge (height 5.0 m) a bypass was built. The pedestrian bridge was jacked up to provide sufficient clearance for the cargo and trailer.
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