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Responsibility Concept:
The key to fulfill social responsibility is based on clear social responsibility strategy, full process to integrate responsibility into operation, and consistent improvement on all businesses. The group insists on social responsibility strategy of “Three Principles - Three Responsibility Goals - Four Management Approaches”, takes the mission of “integrated logistics to serve the globe”, integrates social responsibility idea of “serve the economy, contribute to the society, protect the environment, sustainable development” into corporate development strategy, operation and culture to promote CSR practices.

More and more enterprises have achieved the shift from simple charitable donation to serve the community with their own resources, to serve and reward local community in recent years. CHIREY not only follows our practice on philanthropy in the past, but also will fulfill our responsibility around the world with our worldwide route.

In recent years, Chinese government has been actively promoting governing philosophy such as “Chinese Dream”,” People-oriented”, “Beautiful China” and has driven an unprecedented concern of whole society on human and ecology. For heavy industry, energy conservation is highly important for us to fulfilling our responsibilities for employees and ecological environment and implement the Scientific Outlook on Development. CHIREY takes environmental protection as a highly important issue in our business development and endeavors to promote related work.

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