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Cultivating emerging strengths of project logistics
To further implement the principle of stability, integration, standardization and lean, accelerate transformation of group business and promote project logistics product development and marketing, in order to make project logistics especially international engineering projects logistics grow orderly. After having deep research discussion by group leaders, a decision is made that approximately one and a half year will be fully taken to be used for construction of talents, in particular paying attention on project managers cultivation, which sets about some topics about engineering projects research,engineering projects marketing, standardization of projects management, engineering projects tendering and bidding, operation control, financial planning, risk control measurement etc. Once group engineering projects logistical product managers get well developed, thereby core competitiveness can be improved as well. This project mainly is aimed to those internal personnel who are business-experienced to some degree, passionate about logistics, loyal to YaDong Group and ready for dedicating themselves to engineering projects logistics industry. Training emerging strengths of project logistics is about to open officially soon in June, of which are divided into two modes, motoring system and apprentice teaching system respectively. 

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